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Origins of the word ballroom. The word ballroom comes from the Latin word 'ballare' which means to dance. An actual ballroom was a large hall where such a ballroom dance would take place. What marks ballroom dancing it that it is a contact dance between two partners. What separates ballroom dancing from most other couples dances is the body contact between the two ballroom partners.

In the twenty-first century Ballroom dancing refers to the ten standard ballroom dances outlined above. Ballroom dancing in the American style is known as American Smooth. Competition ballroom dancing and social ballroom dancing in England is known as the International ballroom style. The International Ballroom style is dance worldwide having spread from its English roots. The International Ballroom style allows only for closed danced positions.

The American Smooth ballroom style allows for open and solo ballroom dance positions. Ballroom dancing is now highly popular with the Dancing With the Stars BBC franchise that has brought ballroom dancing worldwide recognition with the viewing public.

Ballroom dancing classes are now in vogue and ballroom dancing experiencing a world revival at a social ballroom dancing level. Ballroom dancing at a competitive level is now known as Dance Sport to reflect the level of physical fitness needed.

Ballroom dancing is loved by young and old alike with dancers aged from two to over one hundred. Ballroom dancing is a style that came to the UK from Europe and America, was developed into the International Ballroom style and has now been re-exported all over the world. Ballroom dancing at a top level has become an art form.

Ballroom competitions include the famous Blackpool Ballroom Dancing Festival. Another important ballroom dancing competition are the Bournemouth Masters. Finally the third great ballroom competition of the year is the International Ballroom Championships held at the Albert Hall. The Night of a Hundred Ballroom Stars is a great showcase of ballroom shows, ballroom demonstrations and ballroom stars. Ballroom certainly keeps people fit and healthy.

Ballroom dancing is famous for competitive ballroom dancing. Ballroom competitive dancing is divided into amateur and professional levels. At the lower end of the Amateur ballroom competition ranks are medal test ballroom competitions and above them novice ballroom dancing competitions. Following this is the pre-Amateur ballroom competition level followed by the highest non-paid rank Amateur ballroom competitions. An Amateur ballroom competition dancer is not paid to either teach, demonstrate or do shows.

The professional ballroom ranks does not have the divisions of the Amateur ranks of ballroom dancing although it does have Rising Star Ballroom competitions which new professional ballroom dancer may only do in their first professional year. At a competitive level ballroom dancing is also known as dance sport. Ballroom dancing may be called standard dancing. Great ballroom championships include Blackpool ballroom festival, International ballroom championships and Bournemouth Masters ballroom championships.

One great night of ballroom competitions, ballroom shows and ballroom demonstrations is Night of A Hundred Stars. Ballroom competition dancers not only compete in ballroom competitions but also give ballroom demonstrations shows in ballroom dance schools, hotels etc. Such ballroom shows allows for a more show dance type ballroom demonstration. Lifts are banned in ballroom competitions but are used in ballroom shows.

Ballroom dancing is great for keeping fit and healthy. Ballroom dancing can be very aerobic in certain dances. Ballroom dancing tones the body. The essence of ballroom dancing is that an art form is created through using the body in ballroom dance. Ballroom dancing at the highest level takes many years with top ballroom dancing almost always starting ballroom at a young age. Ballroom dancing is popular all over the world. Ballroom is a major dance form.