Starlight Streatham Dance Studio, 103-105 Streatham High Street, Streatham, London, SW16 1HJ
















8.00-9.00pm. New 4 week beginners course starting Thursday 11th October 2018 to include waltz, cha cha cha, quickstep and rumba. Course fee £35 Please contact for more details.

8.00-9.00 pm Intermediate classes as normal

9.00-10.30 pm Social dance


8.30-9.30 pm Intermediate

9.30-9.45 pm Practice

9.45-10.30 pm Advanced

Tuesday Fee: £8.00 per person for all or part of the evening

Thursday Fee: £8.00 per person for the entire evening or £6.00 for social only.

If you attend both intermediate/advanced classes on both Tuesday and Thursday, then you pay only £5.00 for Thursday (Instead of £8.00) including the Social Dance. NB on your first visit to Kensway there is a one off joining fee of £6.00 for non-course attendees.

Email: Ken Bland at

Telephone: Ken 01273 585309 or Maureen on 07721 929138

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