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Dance Attic Studios.  Dance Attic Studios at Fulham Broadway along the North End Road,  Dance Attic Studios has auditions, rehearsals, dance classes.  Dance Attic is a membership club.  Dance Attic is near to Fulham Broadway tube.  Dance Attic Studios has class levels from beginners to intermediate
Whirl-y-gig at Fire, Vauxhall. See Whirl-y-gig website for Whirl-y-gig Facebook, Whirl-y-gig Youtube Videos, Whirl-y-gig Flyer Gallery, Whirl-y-gig Next gig.  The next stage in London Clubbing, thirty years of London clubbing, London clubbing trance club, London clubbing vibe club.  Dance Sport Uk.  Dance Sport UK deals with all Dance Sport issues.  Dance Sport cds, Dance Sport dvds, Dance Sport videos, Dance Sport competitive dress.
IDTA.  The International Dance Teachers Association IDTA  has existed for more than 100 years.  The IDTA in 2011 are launching the Dancing Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.  The IDTA London seminar 2011 at the Lancaster Gardens.  The IDTA shop.  The IDTA magazine.  The IDTA areas.  IDTA styles of dance.  NATD.  The National Association of Teachers of Dancing.  The NATD was founded in 1912.  In 1932 the NATD started the Medal Test system.  1932 NATD Alex Moore started the Worldwide Letter System.  NATD 1940 Henry Jacques dancing book Modern Ballroom Dancing published.  NATD has representatives on the Central Council of Physical Recreation.  NATD representatives on Council for Dance Education and Training.  Dancing Times.  Dancing Times was first published in 1894.  Dancing Times played important part in establishement of Royal Academy of Dance.  Phillip Richardson was Dancing Times editor from 1910.
ADFP.  The ADFP is the Association of Disco Freestyle Professionals.  The origins of the ADFP lay in the disco freestyle period following Saturday Night Fever and Grease.  As the dance form developed, the ADFP was formed to formulate the ADFP freestyle dance syllabus.  In the ADFP syllabus there is a section on anatomy.  The ADFP these days deals with a freestyle dance form more akin to jazz and contemporary dance that its Saturday Night Fever line dance origins and the African dance interpretation which followed a few years later.

Whirl-y-Gig. Whirl-y-Gig is a global trance dance club which has been running for nearly thirty years. Whirl-y-Gig has had residency at a number of places during this period. Whirl-y-Gig past haunts include Hampstead Town Hall, The Notre Dame hall Leicester Square, Old Street Town Hall Shoreditch, Hammersmith Town Hall, Camden Town Hall and more recently Jacks Club at Crucifix Lane, London Bridge SE1. Whirl-y-gig is famed for the parachute dance at the end. Whirl-y-gig has spectacular lighting with the image of Planet Earth prominent on a screen. Whirl-y-Gig music is World Music vibe. Whirl-y-Gig music includes includes trance music, African music , South American music, tribal beats grooves, Australian Aborigine drumming and much more. The Whirl-y-Gig DJ is Monkey Pilot and the host Mary. The Whirl-y-Gig web site has videos of past Whirl-y-Gig events. Also see the Whirl-y-Gig site for picture galleries, future events, music from past Whirl-y-Gig events. Also Whirl-y-Gig from years ago from Whirl-y-Gig nights at Hampstead Town Hall, Camden Town Hall, Old Street Town Hall, Hammersmith Town Hall, Notre Dame Leicester Square. Plus Whirl-y-Gig reviews from publications like Time Out.

Dance Sport Uk. Dance Sport UK is the premier dance web site for all things ballroom and latin. Dance Sport UK merchandises ballroom cds, ballroom dvds, ballroom competition dress, ballroom dancers information and much more. Dance Sport UK for top ballroom professionals. Dance Sport UK dance competition information. Dance Sport UK.

Dance Attic Studios. Dance Attic Studios at North End Road, Fulham Broadway SW6. Dance Attic Studios is a major dance performance centre and rehearsal space. Dance Attic Studios is also a place for dance, drama and singing auditions. Dance Attic Studios SW6 have evening and weekend dance classes. Dance Attic Studios dance classes include dance genres such as ballet, jazz, hip hop, break dancing, aerobics, yoga, Bollywood dance, belly dancing, tap dancing. Dance Attic Studios has rehearsal rooms available for both dancers, musicians and actors. Dance Attic Studios was founded by legendary Pans People dancer Dee Dee Wilde and her husband Andrew. There are now extra studios that have been built with about 10 studios at Dance Attic Studios Fulham Broadway in all. Dance Attic Studios SW6 is up there with Danceworks at Balderton Street off Bond Street W1. Dance Attic Studios is a two minute walk from Fulham Broadway tube station. Dance Attic Studios Fulham Broadway classes cost from £4-£6. Dance Attic Studios classes range from absolute beginners to advanced. Dance Attic Studios Fulham Broadway also has a small dance wear shop. Dance Attic Studios has a daily membership of £2, £70 per annum, Equity discounts. Under 13s are not charged membership entry at Dance Attic Studios, Fulham Broadway SW6.

IDTA. IDTA The International Dance Teachers Association is one of the national and international dance organizations. The IDTA has branches in dance forms such as ballroom and latin american, ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap dancing , street dance, disco freestyle dancing, hip hop, Greek dance, modern sequence dancing, Old Time dancing and much else. The IDTA administer dance teacher training courses and have their own IDTA syllabus for medals such as IDTA bronze, IDTA silver, IDTA gold, IDTA gold star etc. The International Dance Teachers Association IDTA for professional dance teacher advancement. See the IDTA web site for details of the IDTA magazine, IDTA shop, IDTA news and IDTA areas. The IDTA also have a funky moves IDTA web site for children. South West London Ballroom and Latin classes.

NATD. The NATD or National Association of Teachers of Dancing are a British organization dealing in various forms of dance. NATD dance disciplines include ballroom, latin, tap dance, ballet, contemporary dance, Greek dance, modern sequence dancing, old time dancing. The National Association of Teachers of Dancing, NATD for your dance needs. See the NATD web site for details of NATD exams, NATD events, NATD news, NATD shop and NATD downloads. Learn Ballroom dancing latin classes South London.

Dancing Times. Dancing Times is a national voice for all things involving theatrical dance. Theatre dance styles dealt with by Dancing Times include ballet, contemporary, tap and flamenco. There are articles on major ballet stars and ballet dance companies, ballet dance history, contemporary dance companies, contemporary dance history, tap articles and the rare street dance article on current street dance companies in Dancing Times. Dancing Times also has theatrical dance listings of major dance companies touring in the UK which may include the Royal Ballet, Kirov Ballet, Central Ballet School, English National Ballet, Royal Birmingham Ballet, NDT1, Matthew Bourne Company contemporary ballet etc. Vocational dance courses for younger people are also advertised in Dancing Times. Dancing Times the UK magazine for theatrical dance. See the Dancing Times web site for Dancing Times videos, Dancing Times online Store, Dancing Times photographic images, Dancing Times Features, Dancing Times News, Dancing Times past issues.

Viva Flamenco are a touring Flamenco dance company run by Juani Garcia. There are also dance classes in London, Wimbledon and Beckenham. Flamenco is a dynamic Spanish form of dance which centered on Southern Spain and the Andalusian area of Spain. Flamenco dances include bullaria, tarrantos, fandango etc.

Tosca Dancewear is a French dancewear company. Tosca Dancewear sells ballroom dance shoes, latin dance shoes, ballroom and latin competition clothing. Tosca. Dance & Listen. Dance and Listen are ballroom music suppliers and sell cds from ballroom bands such as Ross Mitchell. Dance & Listen.

Ballroom Central. Ballroom Central sell ballroom gifts, ballroom training garments, Ladies Latin sandals, Ladies ballroom shoes, Ladies Court shoes, Ladies practice and social dance shoes, mens ballroom shoes, mens latin shoes, childrens ballroom latin shoes, dance sneakers, salsa shoes, International dance shoes, Port dance shoes, Capezio dance shoes, Roch Valley dance shoes, Werner Kern dance shoes, Superdance dance shoes. Lambeth ballroom dancing classes.

ADFP. ADFP The Association of Disco Freestyle Professionals. The ADFP is one of the professional dance teacher associations which deals with all things disco dancing and freestyle dancing. Within the ADFP remit are freestyle dance associated disciplines. These include ADFP rock n roll, ADFP disco freestyle teams, ADFP disco freestyle couples, ADFP disco freestyle triplets. The ADFP administer the rules for Disco Freestyle Competitions. The Association of Disco Freestyle Professionals ADFP for all your disco freestyle dance needs. See the ADFP web site for details of ADFP rules, ADFP competitions, ADFP News, ADFP Forum.

London Dance classes. Remember we run ballroom and latin dance classes in our London Dance Studio in the London Borough of Lambeth. See our Tuesday and Thursday ballroom and latin dance classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced ballroom and latin dancing. Come to our London dance school to our Thursday night social dance and classes. Even More