Learn ballroom and latin in classes at the Kensway Dance Club, Streatham, South London

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Pineapple dance studios at Covent Garden 16 Langley Street, WC2H 9JA.  Pineapple Dance Studios slogan survival of the fittest.  Pineapple Dance Studios was founded by model Debbie Moore.  Pineapple Dance Studios is now world famous due to the Sky TV docusoap drama programme Pineapple dance studios, Pineapple dance studios has ballet classes with Roland Price Ian Knowles Denzil Bailey, Pineapple had traditional jazz classes commercial jazz classes miloteque jazz classes, Pineapple Dance Studios has hip hop classes new school hip old school hip hop, Pineapple dance studios hosts rehearsals, singing, auditons, famous stars seen at Pineapple include Kylie Minogue,
Strictly Come Dancing BBC1 TV hit dancing show on Saturday nights, Strictly Come dancing has its own website SCD, Strictly Come dancing stars,
WRD Worldwide Music site for cds, dvds, videos, book on ballroom and latin dancing instruction.

International Dance Sport Federation. The International Dance Sport Federation administers all things to do with international ballroom and latin competitions. Matters such as adjudicator congresses, senior pro open competitions, amateur open competitions, solo dance competitions etc are within the International Dance Sport Federation remit.

London Dance Com. London Dance dot Com. Dance What's On, Dance News, Dance Features, Dance Directory, Dance Members, Youth Dance. London Dance has a great directory for all types of dance in London. These London dance classes include: Aerial Dance - African Dance styles - Asian Dance including Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Bollywood - Burlesque - Ballroom and Latin dancing - Butoh workshops and classes -Capoeira the Brazilian martial arts dance form - Chinese movement and dance - Creative and Expressive dance such as Biodanza - Folk Dancing including Irish, Scottish, Clog dancing - Freestyle & Fitness - Historical Dance - Improvisation dance - Isadora Duncan dance - Israeli - Ceroc, Swing Lindyhop dance - Kizomba - Cuban dance - Zumba dance - Line Dancing - Musical Theatre dance - Raqs Sharqi dance - Belly Dancing - Pilate's Dancer's Health - Roller Skating Blading - Tea Dances - Yoga - Classes for over 50's dance & dancing. London dance.com.

Pineapple Dance Studios. Pineapple Dance Studios at Langley Street Covent Garden is the legendary dance centre for theatrical dance forms. Pineapple Dance Studios dancing and Pineapple Dance Studios dance classes include ballet class, contemporary dance classes , musical theatre jazz dance classes , traditional jazz dance and commercial jazz dancing classes plus Miloteque jazz dance class. Pineapple Dance Studios also has dance classes in jazz tap, ballroom and latin dancing. Pineapple Dance Studios also has a spectrum of hip hop classes and hip hop umbrella related classes. These include Pineapple Dance Studios hip hop classes. Also Pineapple Dance Studios dancing classes in jazz funk classes, Hip Hop Nu Skool classes, Michael Jackson style dance classes, Hip Hop New School classes, Commercial Street classes, Street Dance classes, Street Flava classes, New Wave Hip Hop classes, Street Locking classes, Body Popping classes. Pineapple Dance Studios Covent Garden also run classes in yoga, poledancing, martial arts, singing and ballroom dancing. Pineapple Dance Studios have Pineapple Performing Arts for younger people involving dancing, singing, acting. Pineapple Dance Studios teachers include Roland Price Pineapple ballet , Denzil Bailey Pineapple ballet , Linda Dadd Pineapple jazz dance classes , James Painting Pineapple popping , Fleur Murray Pineapple jazz , Tory Pineapple contemporary ballet, Peter Francis Pineapple experimental hip hop, Jimmy Williams Pineapple locking, Supermalcolm Pineapple house, Lil'j Pineapple hip hop dancing, Anthony King for Pineapple Michael Jackson dancing classes, Mark James Pineapple jazz, Ryan Chappell Pineapple house dance class, Carlos Neto Pineapple hip hop dancing, Birdgang aehehop , Karen Estabrook Pineapple dance studios jazz dancing class, Dollie Henry Pineapple dance studios jazz dancing class, Maria Yacoob Pineapple jazz, Mark Battershall Pineapple dance studios commercial jazz, Milo Miles miloteque , Rolfe Klement Pineapple lyrical jazz, Sheila Sangster Pineapple jazz, Debbie Shine Pineapple dance studios contemporary dance class. There are about twelve dance studios at Pineapple Dance Studios and some of them can be hired out. There are about 200 dancing classes per week at Pineapple Dance Studios, really incredible. Pineapple Dance Studios is also the dance venue for the hit Sky TV Programme also called Pineapple Dance Studios. Pineapple Dance Studios from Sky TV stars Louis Spence and Andrew Stone plus the Pineapple Performing Group PPG. Watch out for the Pineapple Dance Studios Tweet and the Pineapple Dance Studios follow up Louis Spence's Showbusiness. Going to Pineapple Dance Studios gives you the advantage of having a choice of dance classes from 10am to 10pm, You might also catch the Sky TV series being filmed at Pineapple Dance Studios. Pineapple Studios always has something bizarre going on inside. Pineapple Dance Studios membership is £140 per annum, £100 for equity members.

Rivoli Ballroom. The Rivoli Ballroom at Crofton Park Brockley is the last remaining authentic 1950's ballroom in London. Rivoli Ballroom Brockley is often to be seen in TV dramas around the 1950's. Rivoli Ballroom still has the authentic decor of that time. Rivoli Ballroom is a listed building. Rivoli Ballroom continues to be a centre for ballroom and latin dancing classes and practice. Ballroom and latin competitions and classes are held at the Rivoli Ballroom. Rivoli Ballroom has the the famous Rivoli Pink Jukebox once a month with Jacky. The Rivoli Ballroom is a legend in the world of ballroom and latin dancing and classes of this type of dance. Rivoli Ballroom is worth going to just to see the decor. The Rivoli Ballroom actually started first as a music hall then became a picture house. Today as a ballroom the Rivoli has crystal chandeliers, massive Chinese lanterns, walls with gold frames and sumptuous velvet. It is a surprise to go from the busy outside street into this beautiful ballroom that we call the Rivoli Ballroom. The Rivoli Ballroom has been part of the lives of many generations of dancers. Rivoli Ballroom for ambient ballroom dancing vibe. The owner of the Rivoli Ballroom is Bill.

Quasar Video. Quasar Video is the Dancing Channel. Quasar Dancing Channel has information on all things to do with ballroom and latin dancing, classes, interview with Bryan Allen, Quasar Video news stories such as on Warren and Kristi Boyce, Zumba takes world by storm etc.

Strictly Come Dancing (SCD). Strictly Come Dancing is every dancers favorite programme on BBC1. The Official Strictly Come Dancing Site is packed with information on all things strictly come dancing. The Strictly Come Dancing site has highlights of some of the best and worst series strictly ballroom and latin dances. The Strictly Come Dancing site has strictly Ballroom and Latin Dance picture image Galleries. The Strictly Come Dancing site has a Ballroom and Latin Dance Quiz. There is also the Strictly Come Dancing Newsletter. The Strictly Come Dancing page Get Dancing is a mine of information of strictly Ballroom and Latin classes and where to go in your area for strictly Ballroom and Latin dancing classes. Watch out for the Strictly Come Dancing News Blog. Looking forward to Strictly Come Dancing 2011. Strictly Come Dancing.

WRD. Worldwide Music WRD. Worldwide Music is the site for ballroom and latin cds, salsa and mambo cds, Alternative Rhythm cds, Instructional and Lecture dvds. Books like A Technique of Advanced Standard Ballroom figures by Geoffrey Herne. Dance Teachers Handbook by Lyndon Wainwright. Latin books by Shirley Ayme. Latin American Technique Books ISTD. Popular Variations Standard Dances by Alex Moore. Q & A Latin books. Technique of Latin Revised Edition 2009 Walter Laird. Technique of Ballroom Dancing 2007 Revised Guy Howard. WRD.

Don't forget our London ballroom dance school at Streatham in the London Borough of Lambeth. Ballroom and Latin classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights and social dance ballroom practice dance on Thursday night. Learn to dance ballroom at Streatham. More Extra






London Dance.com.  London dance dot com has dance news, dance whats on, youth dance, london dance, dance directory.  London dance com has dance class details on African dance styles, Asian dance styles such as Bharatnatyam, Butoh dancing classes, Folk dancing, Irish folk dancing, Scottish folk dancing, clog folk dancing, historical dance classes, Raqs Shrarqi belly dancing, Pilate's, Chinese dancing, Bollywood.  Londondance.com is a mine of dance information.