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So what does Streatham have to offer food wise? Restaurant wise? Streatham food guide, what to eat in Streatham, Streatham restaurants, Streatham restaurant, Streatham cafes. Streatham has a wide choice of restaurants. These restaurants offer multicultural food. There are Indian restaurants. Chinese restaurants. Thai restaurants. Japanese restaurants. Streatham food is like a restaurant microcosm of the world. A brief Streatham restaurant guide follows after the Streatham Food Festival section below.

Streatham Food Festival. Streatham Food Festival is an established event. In 2010 ITV presenter Ronke Phillips opened the Streatham Food Festival showcasing Streatham restaurants. Streatham Food Festival had beekeepers exhibiting home made honey , face painting, healthy eating exhibits, quizzes, film screenings, healthy dishes, wine tasting, guilt free ice cream workshop, samosa pizza pasta workshops, Sunday lunch Vegan style. Streatham cake competition. Streatham poetry readings. Streatham Food Festival has tasting food from around the world. Streatham Food Festival also had Fair trade, cake stalls, magic show, enriching bodies and minds. Streatham Italian restaurant food. Streatham Chinese restaurant food. Streatham restaurant Moroccan food. Streatham restaurant Caribbean food. Streatham restaurant Portuguese food. Streatham Polish food. Looking forward to future Streatham Food Festivals.

Streatham cafes, restaurant and restaurants - eating food places include:

Whole Meal Cafe ( 1 Shrubbery Road, with reviews from Time Out and Veggie Heaven ) - The Whole Meal Cafe has mouth watering great cake and personal friendly service with a great vibe. The Whole Meal Cafe is almost on top of our dancing school. Whole Meal Cafe first class vegetarian and vegan food in Streatham. Whole Meal Cafe is 100% vegetarian and vegan. Whole Meal cafe has organic beers and wines. Whole Meal Cafe really embodying the holistic ethic.

Angara Restaurant (111 Streatham Hill road). The Angara Restaurant sells proper kebab i.e. meat garnished in naan bread. Angara Restaurant Streatham local kebab house food. Restaurant kebab at its best. Angara Restaurant.

El Chico's Mexican Cantina and Tequila Cocktail Bar restaurants (62 Streatham High Road) .El Chico's Reviews on London Eating, Urban Spoon, Touch London. Mexican, Tex Mex, Vegetarian dishes, Take Away food. El Chico Restaurants a taste of Mexico in Streatham.

Oishii Japanese Restaurant Streatham (70 Streatham Hill). Oishii Japanese Restaurant Streatham New style Japanese noodle bar. Serves Tempura, Noodles, Sashimi. Not only Japanese cuisine but also Vietnamese and Thai at Oishii Restaurant. Maki Sushi is popular being fish and rice wrapped in dried seaweed. Restaurant Reviews, restaurants London Eating, Urban Spoon restaurants. Oishii Restaurant providing great Japanese food in Streatham.

Pizza Express - The name says it all not a restaurant at all! Pizza come and collect in Streatham at Pizza Express. Or Pizza Express Streatham home delivery. Pizza Express Streatham wide variety of pizzas take away or home delivery. Pizza ready made. Streatham Take away.

Asanka Restaurant and Bar Streatham (66 Streatham High Road). Asanka Restaurant Streatham on the high street. Asanka Restaurant.

Bar 61 (61A Streatham Hill). Reviews from Qype, Beer in the Evening, View London. Bar 61 Streatham family run business serving fresh food. Bar 61 has cocktails, shots, wine, champagne etc. Bar 61 food tapas, starters, soups, pasta, fish, chicken specialties, veal, carni etc. Bar 61 Streatham great local watering hole and eating den. Bar 61.

Perfect Blend Restaurant Bar Streatham. (12 Streatham High Road). Restaurant reviews from Trusted Places, Beer in the Evening restaurants. Perfect Blend is a licensed restaurant, cafe, bar. Perfect Blend Restaurant worth a visit. Perfect Blend Restaurant.

Raj Poot Indian Cuisine Restaurant Streatham (67 Streatham Hill). Raj Poot Indian Restaurant serves Indian dishes plus vegetarian food dishes. Raj Poot Restaurant is a licensed restaurant. Raj Poot Indian Restaurant caters for private parties of up to 40. Raj poot Restaurant, great Indian dishes. Raj Poot Restaurant.

The Winning Post Streatham (7 Greyhound Lane). Winning Post for cakes and tarts and wedding cakes. Winning Post reviews in Trusted Places restaurants, BView restaurants. Winning Post Streatham, cake heaven. Wedding cake shop.

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant Streatham (11a Leigham Court Road). Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant Streatham, great Indian dishes food. Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant. Indian restaurants guide.

Purple Streatham Restaurant cafe (18 Streatham High Road). Purple reviews Urban Spoon, Trusted Places, Qype, All in Streatham. Purple Streatham restaurant cafe famous for brunch on Saturday and Sundays especially its Eggs Benedict. Purple Streatham offers light bites and main meals. Purple Streatham restaurant.

Talay Thai Restaurant Streatham (64 Streatham High Road). The Talay Thai Restaurant Streatham is a colorful festival like restaurant adorned with Thai artifacts such as Thai umbrellas hanging from the restaurant ceilings. Talay Thai Restaurant offers stir fried Thai dishes,Thai rice curries, tasty Thai seafood, Thai tangy soups. Talay Thai Restaurant, a taste of Thailand in Streatham restaurant land. Talay Thai Restaurant. Thai restaurants guide.

Nineteen Restaurant and Bar Streatham (19 The High Parade). Nineteen Restaurant and Bar Streatham reviews London Eating restaurants, View London restaurants) . Nineteen Restaurant to dine, wine and socialize. Nineteen Restaurant is close to the Streatham Odeon Cinema. Nineteen Restaurant and Bar breakfast, starters, Pasta dishes, burgers, main courses, sides, deserts. Nineteen Restaurant Streatham.

Slurp Restaurant Streatham (104-106 Streatham High Road). Slurp Restaurant Chinese food menu. Slurp Restaurant food Thai menu. Slurp restaurant Japanese food menu. Restaurant Reviews London Eating restaurants, Urban Spoon restaurants. Chinese, Thai, Japanese. Slurp Restaurant.

Nefis Turkish Anatolian Restaurant Streatham Barbecue Grill (318 Streatham High Street). Nefis Turkish Restaurant as its name implies offers Turkish cuisine and food. Nefis Restaurant. Turkish restaurants guide.

Little Italy Restaurant (14 The High Parade, Streatham High Road) restaurant. La Pergola Italian Restaurant ( 66 Streatham High Road) restaurants. Pedro Abreu Restaurant (122 Streatham High Road) restaurant. Italian restaurants guide.

New Kulaura Indian Tandori Restaurant (294 Streatham High Road) restaurant. Spice Cottage Indian Restaurant (78 Streatham High Road) restaurant. Chinese Chef Restaurant (189-191 Streatham High Road) restaurant. The Hap Lee Chinese Restaurant (29 The High Parade) restaurant. Pansa Thai Restaurant (6 Gleneagle Road) restaurant. Tiger Restaurant (133 Streatham High Road) restaurants. Mrs Wong's Chinese Restaurant (179 Streatham High Road) restaurants. Syang Chinese Food Restaurant (20 Mitcham Lane Streatham) restaurants. Ten Thanks Chinese Restaurant (179 Streatham Vale) restaurant. Yummy Oriental Buffet Restaurant ( 29 The High Parade) restaurants. Mirch Masala Restaurant (1416 London Road) restaurant. The Feeding Tree Japanese Restaurant ( 668 Streatham High Road restaurants. La Casita Portuguese Restaurant ( 122 Streatham High Road) restaurant. Al-Towfiq Restaurant (2 Gleneagle Road) restaurants. Shaheee Belpoori Vegetarian Restaurant vegan options (1547 London Road Norbury) restaurant. Cappadocia Ocakbasi Turkish Restaurant (1153 London Road) restaurants.


Multicultural Streatham. Multicultural restaurants Streatham Thai, Chinese, Indian, Turkish and more. Streatham restaurants offering the best. Whatever your taste in restaurants, Streatham has a restaurant for you. Restaurants, restaurants, restaurants.